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We’re proud that our clinic has been operating for more than 20 years. We’ve used this time to ensure that our practice and our staff are experienced, dedicated, and caring.
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We’re here to help you rehabilitate and condition yourself. Sustained wellness is essential to us, so your treatment program will be specific to you, your circumstances, and your body.
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Whether you want to be able to walk up the stairs again or perfect your golf swing, we cater our treatment programs to each individual so as to help everyone improve their lifestyle.
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Our goal at Kings Cross Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic has always been to provide an environment that patients find caring, supportive and stimulating. We continue to strive to deliver the best possible care for our clients.

Our Services

Our Services


With 9 dedicated Registered Physiotherapists, we are proud to offer a wide variety of specializations within the physiotherapy practice. Find out more…
We treat athletes through all phases of their recovery from acute early accurate diagnosis care to thorough return to play preparation. Find out more…
We design individual program to help athletes maximize their performance potential and minimize their injury risk. Find out More…
Several of our certified physios practice acupuncture, often as a beneficial addition to rehabilitation or enhancement programs. Find out more…
Our two wonderful Registered Massage Therapists use their expertise to help heal injuries, manage pain, improve circulation, and relieve tension. Find out more…
We prescribe and fit custom orthotics to address a number of foot and lower limb mechanical problems. Find out more…
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Paul Garvey

Registered Physiotherapist

Paul founded Kings Cross Physio with Steve in 1992 and has spent the last 23 years ensuring that his clinic, his staff, and his patients are all happy, healthy, and laughing. He is known for his British accent, his love of cheese, and his patience (acquired while coaching many a years of girls’ soccer… or “football”).

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Steven Hill

Registered Physiotherapist

Steve founded Kings Cross Physio with Paul in 1992 and has since worked hard to establish a solid and reputable environment for clients and staff alike. He is known for his diligence, his taste for craft beer, and his professional soccer career. He does not like having his photo taken (despite being quite handsome).

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Kings Cross Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was founded 13 years ago and has since become larger and more proficient, offering a wide array of services and equipment to our beloved clients. Our knowledgeable staff are passionate in a wide variety of fields of expertise.
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